FINANCE EXPRESS - Accounting and More
We are here to help you manage your business's financial affairs, no matter the task. We work with all business types and individuals to ensure legal compliances relative to accounting and taxes are met appropriately and according to governmental agencies. We take pride in maintaining all relative aspects that business ownership entails. LET US DO IT FOR YOU and grant you more time for other important business issues that only you can resolve.
FINANCE EXPRESS offers total computerized and electronic correspondence and access to your business records is always just a few clicks away.
No matter where you are WORLDWIDE, we are able to assist.
Specialized Services
• Full Charge Accounting and Bookkeeping (We Do It All)
• Compilations, Reconciliations, and Financial Statement Preparation
• Corporate Entity Formation and Registered Agency Services for Nevada
• U.S. Registration and Compliance Licensing
• Payroll Preparation for All US States
• Income Tax Preparation: Including Corporate, Individual, and Foreign
• Past Year Income Tax Preparation and Review (Any Year or Entity)
• QuickBooks Set Up, Training, and Maintenance
• MMA, MMC, MMV Record-Keeping Saavy
Other Services
• Assistance in Obtaining Health or
  Business Insurance
• Audit Assistance with the Internal Revenue
• Audit Assistance with Nevada's
  Department of Taxation
• Banking Assistance, Including Trust Account Set Up and Maintenance
• Staffing Assistance and Employee Evaluation, Testing, and Placement
• Notary Services for Clark County, Nevada
• Background Checks for Potential Investors and Employees
• Mail Forwarding
Office Organization and Maintenance 

If We Can't Do It We Know Someone Who Can!